Canadian Orders

We’ve had to temporarily disable sales to Canada for now. The shipping costs went up and we’re trying to work out a game plan to lower the shipping costs. Stay tuned, we’ll get them back up as soon as we can!



Further Funding – Fairy Tales, Fairly Told

To showcase some of our further funding of skeptical projects, I bring you this…

Thank you so much for your donation toward the printing of our skeptic children’s book “Fairy Tales, Fairly Told”  The money will go toward printing the book, which will be given for free to children attending skeptic camp.  Also, your donation helps with shipping costs.  The book is a work of skeptic fiction, for ages 3-10.  Topics include the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras,  evolution, and atheism.  We feel that skeptic parents need a resource to help them share skeptic values and critical thinking skills with their children We  hope this book we help fill that need.  Any money earned from sales of the book will go to skeptic children’s education. Once again, thank you so much for your help!

Kitty Mervine
Noah Whippie

Proceeds going to Skeptical Activism

Part of our new plan for helping out the community is by having part of the proceeds go to skeptical activism. The first to benefit from this was Ben Radford. We sent him some funds to help pay for a pair of banners that will be following Sylvia Brown around the country

Thanks for your help and support making the Sylvia Browne protest banner. A lot of skeptical activism starts as grassroots efforts–not big organizations doing big things, but individual skeptics and small groups coming together for a common cause at the local level. The two big vinyl banners will be available for skeptics everywhere to use when convicted felon Browne shows up in their local communities with her act.” – Benjamin Radford


Shipping changes

Due to some cost increased for shipping to Canada we have re-worked our shipping costs. We hope that these changes will make things fair for both our customers, and ourselves.

Previously there was a flat rate of $1.50 per band on shipping/handling. The new costs going forward are:

$1.50 base on all orders shipped in the US, plus 50cents per band.
$3.00 base on all orders shipped to Canada, plus 50cents per band.

This will be a much better deal going forward for anybody that orders more than one band.